Working Holidays is Routine for Nurses

Photo by morguefile.com/mconnors

In the past couple of weeks there has been such a fuss about retailers opening on Thanksgiving Day. I have to admit, the number of people appalled that anyone would ask someone to WORK on the holiday made me chuckle. I feel for them, but then, as all nurses know — health care doesn’t take holidays ever!! All nurses work more than their fair share of holidays all year round.

In fact, during holiday seasons things can get even more hectic and stressful  than usual. There can be a rush to discharge patients –right now, and then there are the “regulars” who seem to find their way back into the hospital. If you work home health care, you can find yourselves slammed with a flurry of new starts of care. Clinics, ERs, and medical offices are often very busy as well.

A strong sense of entitlement seems to be prominent as families frustrated at having their holidays interrupted can bring out the worst in them and in the patients too. 

Dealing with needy and emotionally challenged patients and families can be one of the worst nightmares for nurses who are just doing their part to work a share the holidays.

In an interview I gave to RealityRN.com a few years ago, we discussed some options for dealing with the needy families and patients. I hope some of these ideas can help you survive the holiday season.