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Self Care Matters!

Self CareSelf Care Matters! No one taught you this in nursing school although it should be part of Nursing 101! The past 2 years have taught us that it is vital to survival. Burnout and caregiver fatigue are REAL and a threat to very existence. May is Nurses Month and it’s also Mental Health Month. As many would say, there is no such thing as coincidence. So it’s high time to join the effort and TAKE CARE of YOU! (Mental Health resources here.)

Sleep Issues

One of the things that leads to, or contributes heavily to, burnout and caregiver fatigue is poor sleep! Poor sleep also leads to health issues. The Seattle-based Sleep Foundation recently published an article devoted to sleep issues for nurses. They cite a study of 600 nurses found that 55% had insomnia and 52% reported anxiety issues. There are some other staggering statistics cited in this article and tips for ways to Improve Sleep along with some important resources from notable sources. Check out their information. See their Thank You Nurses video.

Your employer may not meet all your wishes and dreams for a Happy Nurses Week, but YOU can take charge of your own life and rewards. Do something just for you today and all week long! As nurses celebrate nurses this week, YOU do something Just For YOU!

Redesign the Workforce Environment for Nurses

Make note that Applications open on May 12 for the NurseHack4Health Pitch-a-Thon.   Johnson & Johnson who is a long-standing and  proud supporter of the nursing profession is one of the sponsors of this $250,000 grant program to actually bring nurses to the table to take direct action to redesign a Healthy workplace culture and environment where nurses can thrive and soar!  Get Involved NOW! Let’s make nursing healthy for all nurses!

Happy Nurses Week! Check back tomorrow for details about Nurses Week Give Aways. Meanwhile check out this updated list from  of companies and organizations offering discounts to Nurses.

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