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Try the Beanie Sleeper

I was offered a Beanie Sleeper to try out and as I’m sure you all understand, life has been hectic and stressful. I was somewhat reluctant to try it because I get HOT when I sleep and it wakes me up! Anything on my head holds in my body heat and makes me hot faster. But when I finally did try it out, this is NOT the case. In fact, I was quite comfortable. Yes, it smashed my hair down on my head and I thought that would annoy me to death too, but it didn’t and when I awoke I was able to adjust my hair just fine.

My experience with the Beanie Sleeper…

The Beanie Sleeper dimmed the noise sufficiently (my extended family live with me including 3 grandchildren). It works better than ear plugs that just don’t fit my ears or fall out. I like a dark room and this beanie helped dim the lights even more with its built in eye shade. I was able to fall asleep fairly quickly and stay asleep for about 2 hours. It was a resBeanie Sleepertful nap and well-needed relaxation!I’m normally a restless sleeper, but the beanie provided a cocoon sensation to just relax and really sleep! On nights where I’ve had some insomnia, the beanie has helped me get back to sleep.

I had tried it out a few times before that first nap, but there always seemed to be other issues such as the wonderful Santa Ana winds and power was out and so our generator was running and very loud. The Beanie Sleeper did help to deaden the noise, but I didn’t feel it was the best representation of how it would work. And actually, in better controlled circumstances, it does work quite well.

Give the Beanie Sleeper a try

Many nurses work late hours and need to sleep during the day. Although the Beanie Sleeper isn’t going to block out all of the noise that comes with the day time, it certainly helps to dim and dull it. It won’t by itself work as well as blackout curtains, but I would go out on a limb and say it certainly add another layer of protection. Sleep is so important to managing stress , and we all know 2020 was the WORST and 2021 is not getting better fast enough!  Stress by itself is harmful to our bodies, but add in a chronic condition, and things can get really wild. Self-care is essential and a Beanie Sleeper is a good recommendation to pamper yourself a bit. Ben has a great video on YouTube to show you how it’s worn.




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