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More Great New Nursing Book Reviews

These are reviews of two great new nursing books. Add them to you library. I recently asked a friend to review a couple of new nursing books for us. Thank you Mark Graham. Glad your Internet has been restored from Hurricane Laura.

 It’s All In the Delivery-Improving Healthcare Starting With a Single Conversation
Anthony J. Orsini, D.O. 2020
ISBN: 978-1-09830-447-8 203 pages
Communication is always the key to presenting bad and good news and Anthony Orsini, D.O. has written a book that shows and tells how nurses and doctors and all healthcare workers should communicate with their patients and families in a more compassionate manner. 

Throughout the book he gives lists and reviews for the readers to better understand how to communicate with patients, families and other staff and readers of the book.  On pages 71-72 Anthony offered a chart comparing SPIKES with his program BBN P.R.O.G.R.A.M. On page 118 he writes about the ‘Donut Effect’ and I remember this when this reviewer was a nurse.  Anthony wrote Chapter 5 all about the five principles of being positive so that the patients have a positive experience throughout their care.  When working in healthcare or any profession it is all about how we build all the various relationships.

Using this textbook would be a good supplement for students in various kinds of medical programs from CNA to an MD and other ancillary positions.  These positions will all benefit and is the end improve our understanding of the issues presented in many aspects of the community in the hospital and outside world.  The lessons throughout the book will improve staff and others learning no matter the cause and pray for all to prove love and a form of professional friendship.

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Another great book is the new edition of Inspired Nurse. Mark has another fabulous review here…

Inspired Nurse Too
Rich Bluni, RN
2016 ISBN: 978-1-6221804-6-2 156 pages

Nursing is a profession that is all about how to care and nurture others.  Rich Bluni, RN has written ‘Inspired Nurse Too‘ to teach us how to see and listen for the little things that could be a new thing. Nursing is a journey as stated by Rich in the Forward.  Nurses or anyone must find time for themselves in some way, so that they will not burnout in this kind of profession.  Goals will need to be set and as Rich states, to achieve the goals one must take little steps toward new things.  According to Rich nursing and life is all about going into the light. Nursing is all about understanding and listening. One must find the need and know what to do in the many different scenarios that can and could happen in a hospital.

My favorite part of this book was when Rich was talking to the man with the ‘dusty notebooks’ that makes nursing the profession for Rich.  Nursing is a profession that is all about giving help in many different ways.  All levels of nursing have something to offer.  One must treat the family also along with the patient.

At the end of the book Rich has offered many resources to help family, nurses, hospital staff, etc.  It is also a good book to use a supplemental read for new and experienced nurses to further understand what they (nurses) are suppose to be and do.  Nurses have their own experiences to share as well when they seem to get attached to various patients even if nurses are not suppose to get attached for various reasons, but they do.  Nurses pass on new knowledge along with the tears and smiles to show what has been learned in caring for a particular patient and family.

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Enjoy a few past book reviews. Thanks Mark for your reviews of the two great new nursing books!