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One of the 9 best nurse bloggers around for 2020

badge 2020 Berxi's Winner - Blogs Nursing

I am humbled and honored to be informed that I was selected as one of the 9 best nurse bloggers around by Berxi a division of Bershire Hataway Specialty Insurance. They chose 27 nursing related blogs in multiple categories to honor in 2020.

There are so many wonderful nursing blogs to chose from and it’s always exciting and humbling to be selected. Please read the article and check out the other blogs mentioned.

As the post mentions, “Nursing blogs are becoming an incredibly popular way for nurses to help, connect with, and inspire their peers. If you’re looking for study guides to get you through nursing school, there’s a blog for that. If you’re a travel nurse hoping for a kindred spirit, there are plenty of bloggers just for you. Sick of bullying in the workplace? You’ll find a blog that deals with that, too.

Thank you Berxi!

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