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Happy Nurses Month – Freebies and Discounts

Everyone is used to Nurses Week from May 6-12 each year, but in honor of the WHO’s designation of 2020 as the Year of the Nurse, May was also designated Nurses Month. Nurses are in the news constantly for their heroic measures in the war against COVID19.

Here are some important links to Freebies and Discounts for Nurses during Nurses Week May 6-12. Some have regional or local restrictions and some are national offers. Some are for all COVID19 front line health care workers and first responders.  There are lots of overlaps, but each has some unique discounts too. Check them carefully for instructions on how to redeem. Find some great treasures. has some lovely things to treat yourself to. Be sure to check them out!!! One of my favorites is Queen of Shenanigans. 

There are some very precious deals listed. Take advantage of what you can. I want to personally THANK all of you have devoted your lives to nursing and caring for patients. This has not been an easy time for any nurses whether on the front lines or working behind-the-scenes to support the efforts. It’s 2020 and the Year of the Nurse and Midwife! What a way to celebrate!!!

Stay well. Practice Self-Care! Protect your loved ones. And most of all celebrate YOU!!! You make a difference in someone’s life every day! Keep on nursing!!! Happy Nurses Week and Month!