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2019 Day 6 Nurses Week – More Give Aways

As Nurses Week winds down I do hope that you have taken time to honor YOU! To say thank you to YOU for all that YOU do and to thank those around you who help you so that you can continue to do so.

I’ve seen many postings on social media about nurses being disappointed in the gifts they have or have not received from their employers. This is NOT about entitlement! And I hate seeing nurses act this way!

Nurses Week is and always has been about elevating the presence of the nursing profession and about celebrating ourselves. It’s about reminding the world who we are and what we do for people everyday! And the difference we make.

In many instances, nurse managers have taken money out of their own pockets to purchase food and gifts for their staff because you matter! I don’t know about you, but I was raised to say Thank You no matter what! It’s down right rude and unacceptable to throw a tantrum about not getting an expensive present or gourmet meal.

Be grateful you have a nurse manager who cares enough and tries hard to do something special. Lord knows there are MANY who couldn’t do this even if they wanted to….they just don’t have the know how and skills to pull it off. And many more who don’t even see the value in trying.

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