Great Products for Nurses

Well November came and went in a hurry and I was swamped with other projects. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the whole holiday season! Try to not overdo and overstress. Stay well and take time to enjoy your family and friends during this exciting time of year!

I am way overdue in sending shout outs for a few products I have received for review. So

Respiratory Nuts and Bolts

let me take this opportunity to tell you about some really great finds!!!

Respiratory Guide
First off I was given the opportunity a few months back to read and review a great resource for Respiratory care. Michael J Fischer, RRT, has put together a fabulous resource book appropriately called Respiratory Nuts and Bolts a Quick Reference Guide for Medical Professionals.

I wish I would have had this book as a student! In 130 or so pages, he explains things like blood gas values and PaCO2 levels in a manner that makes so much sense. He also describes and illustrates everything you could possibly need to understand the anatomy and physiology of what should be and how disease processes affect the body and the respiratory system. Fischer gives you a great overview of the pharmacology and ventilators and anything else you need to know. This is a MUST own professional library book. Check it out on Amazon.com today!

nursewatches.comNurse Watches
Another terrific product I was introduced to is the a nurse watch from NurseWatches.com. It pins on your top or lab coat so you can see without having to touch the watch or turn your wrist which as we all know is not always easy while assessing patients or providing treatments. The company touts the infection control factor for this watch which leaves you bare below the elbows.

The watch mechanism slips out of the decorative silicone FOB holder which can then be washed and disinfected. The numbers are big and even as blind as I can be, I can see them just fine! And one of the things I really appreciate is the 24 hour numbering as well. I never really learned “military time” and this helps me use it easily.  I love mine! I got the black and white polka dot design, but there are so many wonderful options to choose from. And there are some adorable metallic designs as well. HINT: This would make a great holiday gift or graduation gift.

Comfy Nurse Shoes 
I was asked to try out some funky shoes for comfort and wear-ability as a nurse. To be honest, my nursing job is primarily seated at a desk these days, but I am an active wife, mom and grandmother so I really appreciate comfort in shoes I can walk in easily.

Lems Shoes sent me a pair of their Primal Frost 2 shoes to try out and review. As I told them, I was reticent to try them as I’ve become very comfortable wearing a specific brand of shoe that gives me an orthopedic support for my back and legs. But I tried these, and I have to say they are very comfortable. In fact it’s almost like being barefoot (which I love whenever possible). They are very flexible and have a natural alignment property to them so they didn’t undo everything my other shoes have helped repair. The toe box is wide so your toes are in a natural barefoot-like position.  For nurses on their feet all day, I would think these shoes could be very comfortable and supportive.

I hope you will consider these items in your holiday shopping either as gifts for yourself, or your favorite nurse. Happy Holidays!!!

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