AZ Board to Consider Amanda Trujillo Case

The nursing world will be watching closely and holding its collective breath.

By next week we should know the outcome as the AZ BON considers the case of Amanda Trujillo, RN,  the nurse who was fired for advocating for her patient. Of course Amanda’s career is at stake, but so is the nursing profession as well as patient’s rights and physician responsibilities. And that’s just for starters.

This situation has erupted into a huge firestorm on the Internet with nurse bloggers and writers and nursing organizations weighing in from many different directions. The AZ BON has a huge responsibility to uphold as it takes this case under consideration. Let’s all hope things turn out for the best.

Read more… as RN Central recaps this week’s developments.

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  • Anonymous


    Thank you for sharing the story of Amanda Trujillo with your readers. I think, no matter the outcome, as nurses we need to know what goes on in the world at large. There are always anecdotal stories that sound like hers and nothing seems to motivate us as a group to act. Maybe Amanda T. is our motivation. Let's all stay tuned and hope for the right outcome.
    Jennifer Olin, RN