Need Stories from New Grads

Colleen Harris from Find Healthcare Careers, asked me to post a request for a new blog she works for…

 “Part of launching our new website is our own blog, healthcareyenta.com, and one of the first series I am working on is looking for success stories about new grads right now – we’re trying to find out exactly what new grads are doing right now – there’s a ton of talk about new grads difficulty getting hired on, but nothing focus on the positive programs, or talking about what is working and what isn’t. 

We also want to talk about what new grads are doing to keep their skills current if they don’t get hired on right away. If anyone would be open to sharing their experiences, stories, tell us about a program/hospital/clinic that is hiring and what they do to support New Grads we would LOVE to hear it. 

The email address to send stories/ideas/leads/comments would be healthcareyenta@findhealthcarecareers.com.

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  • myazmiena

    Great stories…

    However i want to share with u all how i get a jobs for first resume submit only..
    hehe..actually i join organisation of RNR (registerednurseresume.org).
    this organisation give me free support about nursing resume. if anyone on last semester can go to the organisation for helping…