Stat Gear’s Medical Tape Holder Really Works!!!

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I recently received an item to review. I have to be honest and tell you I don’t often care for this process because some of the stuff people send me isn’t worth the money they spent to send it.

However, in this instance I was pleasantly surprised— the tool is reasonably priced, very easy to use and quite functional. The S3 Stat (TM) from Stat Gear is patent pending — MADE IN THE USA — and a must have tool for hands on nursing care. It easily slides on your stethoscope and is not intrusive.

For anyone ( such as doctors, nurses, therapists paramedics, EMT’s,  phlebotomists, etc.) who works with patients and uses adhesive tape, it’s such a great tool!!!

There are other tape holder designs and items on the market, but this one works well and seems to be quite reliable. Some of the others have a good idea, but need some serious reworking because the tape falls off, and frankly there’s nothing more aggravating when you need to tape down an IV line than having your tape become elusive!!

The S3 Stat (TM) get’s my thumbs up as a great tool for making a nurse’s life easier! Stat Gear also offers bulk purchasing with promotional imprinting — so hint, hint— it would make a terrific and useful Nurses Week gift!!!!

Photos by Kathy Quan