Uniforms Harbor Bacteria

I work in an office setting now reviewing charts, but I am still acutely aware of the germs and bacteria the paper can harbor. I’m not a germaphobe by any means, but I wash my hands frequently.

Years ago, when I worked in the field in home health, we didn’t wear uniforms and scrubs were not allowed. But the clothing I wore became my uniform as I designated specific pieces and shoes for work use only. Some days I couldn’t wait to get home and shower, and then wash my clothes in the hottest water!!!!

I read something the other day about nurses coming home and picking up their babies or small children before they changed their clothes. I guess I did this too because I would pick my children up on my way home. But if I had had a particularly disgusting day I would go home and shower and change first.

Here’s some food for thought…. the APIC (American Professionals for Infection Control and Epidemiology) published the results of a recent study that shows nurse’s and doctor’s clothing harbors a LOT of bacteria from hospital work.

Be safe, and protect your loved ones from the things you’re exposed to in your job.

APIC press release

photo: Ecoli by Cielo (from Morguefile.com)