RIP Steve Jobs

“Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…” Steve Jobs inspired many to become great just by doing their own thing and not being afraid to be who they are.


Being a nurse is similar…. be the nurse you would want taking care of you if you couldn’t care for yourself.


  • Feste

    It is always a tragedy when someone dies, and it's always big news whenever someone who has shaped whole segments of our society has died. I've heard lot's of good and bad things about Steve Jobs, and the man is dead, so I won't go into any of the bad stuff because that wouldn't be respectful or productive. He has changed the face of society and how it runs with his incredible technology.
    However, I would like to take this time to commemorate another great fallen giant. Dennis Ritchie, the man who created C and Unix also died in October of 2011, the same month as Steve Jobs. If it weren't for Dennis Ritchie, we very well might still be using binary to program EVERYTHING, and probably wouldn't have the quality of operating systems and programming languages that we have today. I think it's a tragedy that he wasn't honored by the media like Steve Jobs was. He was equally (if not more) deserving of it. R.I.P. Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie. Thank you for your contributions to the human race.