• Riff!!!!!!

    Hello Kathy I am a soon to be (December '11) BSN grad and as far as I know you are very right on the outlook of this 'shortage' that has seemed to have disappeared. The economy really isn't helping this as so many of the part time nurses who were ready to think about retirement now even have become full time nurses, and then their positions get filled by the contingent and so on and so forth. Is this what you are seeing? Last fall I was making the phone calls to HR departments about our job fair, and a good handful mentioned that they just could not even justify sending someone out because they truly didn't have any jobs. Someone told me a year and things would look good *right about the time I graduate so that's great for me and my class but what about the kids graduating now, that is going to hurt them. What are your views as far as the mass amount of new nurses that are going to be out on the floors once the economy recovers (as you mentioned)? I hope that an upstream approach and good leadership protocols are in place to curb potential injuries/mistakes etc that could potentially happen and some proactive measures are in place prior to us newbies hitting those floors. Great article and good insights!