One Nurse at a Time — Nurses Giving Back

One Nurse at a Time is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which was created for nurses by nurses with a passion about giving back to the local as well as national and global communities through volunteer operations.

“Although the majority of Americans have some understanding of what nurses do in the United States—working in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and the community—most of them have no idea what nurses and NPs do when they volunteer abroad.” Read more about this wonderful organization in Healing Beyond Borders — One Nurse at a Time at NurseTogether.com.


  • nmedley3

    I consider myself to be a patient advocate in every sense of the word. We all know nurses go out of the way for their patients. Nurses, constantly have to stand up for their patient’s beliefs and wishes and make sure that their decisions are adhered to. A nurses' job doesn't end with the change of shift and often nurses carry it home. As a future nurse, I want to do anything I can do to make a patient's situation better

  • skasparek

    Inspiring! I am always amazed and impressed by how nurses can impact the lives of those nearby and farther away. The art of nursing is a gift and talent that is not limited to location or borders. I am proud to soon be able to call myself a nurse wherever it may take me.

  • nbores

    I am inspired by nurses like this who have traveled the world and shared their gift of knowledge and skills to others who truly need it. After learning about disaster management in nursing school, I would like to become a volunteer and share my knowledge with the world. I did not know much about disaster management nursing or global health nursing until I learned about it in lecture. It makes me happy to know that these women started this organization to increase awareness of international nursing and make it easier for nurses to volunteer. I think that seeing other health care systems and sharing what I have learned with others will help me to be a well rounded nurse and deliver better patient care. It is amazing to know how much we can touch peoples lives with our skills and knowledge.

  • Amber

    I believe as nurses we are given a gift that must be shared with others. We have a duty to help others; to heal and care for them. I believe we have all been given the gift of knowledge and education that does not stop at the US borders, but expands throughout the world. As a nursing student waiting to graduate from Madonna University come July 2011, I look forward to gaining experience in the hospital and then sharing that experience and the knowledge I have learned with the world by traveling to other countries and serving those in need.