Keep in Touch With Your Legislators

Now that the election is over, time to contact your legislators with your ideas for the new Congress. Unfortunately we have become so dependent on instant gratification that we often lose sight of the fact that some things can take a long time to fix.

Lets just hope the new Congress can actually find some common ground and work on fixing things together.

Nurses have a strong voice and should always make their opinions heard. So please don’t go silent. Make your voice heard loud and clear throughout this term. And if you don’t like what’s being done….don’t hesitate to remind them, they too can be voted out of office!


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  • admin

    Excellent point, especially in the coming decade when nursing jobs will grow exponentially due to retiring baby boomers requiring health care and older nurses leaving the profession so they can retire themselves. Nurses will be in a strong position if they unite and organize efficiently to influence congress.