Help New Grads Find Jobs

Helping new grads find jobs is a very important issue. The nursing shortage may have been temporarily stalled because of the downturn of the economy, but as the economy gets healthy again, and health care reform is implemented the nursing shortage has the potential to grow very rapidly.

Helping new grads find work also encourages students to choose nursing and not run scared because new grads can’t find jobs.

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  • Boyd J

    With the demand of nurses fluctuating and the supply of fresh nurses continuing to balloon, it's hard to foresee what the health care industry would be like in the near future. Many aspiring nurses now fear there won't be jobs once they're finished with school.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree. If all nursing newly grad prepare more jobs information as quick as possible there is a higher chance of getting a job sooner than the other. There are other site for Nursing Job Opportunities why not try to visit it. Thanks.

  • monkeyDluffy

    If you choose a travel nurse job, you can find yourself working in a new place every few months, avoiding the monotony that working in the same place year after year can bring, skirting the politics that come from working in one place for an extended period of time.

    New Graduate Nursing Jobs

  • Ernie

    I was lucky to get a job, but I had an edge: I was ready to move out of state. Seven months of DILIGENT job search all over NY state got me two offers: a methadone clinic with no benefits that paid less than the job I had at the time (administrative assistant) and another offer came from the Adirondacks as a visiting nurse, that again paid less than what I was making, offered zero benefits – plus I had to have my own car for house calls. I moved to Rhode Island and got two solid job offers right out of the gate. But some nurses I graduated with eleven months ago are still looking for jobs. Everybody still wants and needs nurses; precious few can afford them.

  • Amar akbar

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