Students Not Exploring Health Careers

The nursing shortage may seem stalled since the economy tanked, but as the economy recovers and health care reform becomes a reality, that shortage is going to come back with a bang and we’re going to be very ill prepared to deal with it.

As new reports seem to indicate, high school students are not considering careers as nurses, doctor and other health care professionals. In many cases this is because they have not been exposed to the science and math courses which would peak their interests in these career options. A background in math and science courses in secondary or high school is not an absolute, but certainly will help students pick paths in college that will lead towards health professions.
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  • Anonymous

    One reason students choose to not seek future careers in the Nursing industry is because the Professors make it so hard on the students. My wife and I attended Sinclair Community College of Nursing and we left due to the fact that the professors gave us such a hard time about being a husband and wife in the program together. We left Sinclair's ADN program to attend a four year university for our BSN.

    Just as luck might have it, today in the Dayton Daily Newspaper there was an article about Sinclair and how the Director of Sinclair Community College Nursing Program Marcia Miller is facing felony charges and Gloria Goldman (Sinclair College Assistant Provost of Nursing) has also been put on administrative leave for knowing hiring a friend to teach Nursing students without having a nursing license. you can read more about here http://tinyurl.com/36qr2nq

  • Guru

    Hi there,

    Yes, you are right but you know why it happens.

    At the time when students are in secondary or high school. Their decisions are made under guidance of teachers and their parents and I think parents allows their children to go towards health profession, only-if they thinks their child is extra ordinary. It happens because in maths profession their are lot more opportunities for their child.

  • Courtney

    Even in the growing field of medical informatics there are a shortage of employees. Just for example, MedAssurant, a leading provider of superior healthcare quality, care management, and financial performance improvement solutions, has 98 job openings on on site alone (http://www.simplyhired.com/a/jobs/list/q-medassurant). This is definitely a huge area of concern moving forward considering the baby boomer generation will surely need medical care in bulk soon!