Let’s Hear About Success Stories

It’s graduation season and let’s take a moment to congratulate all the new nurses!!!! Good luck with your boards and your new careers.

But for far too many new nurses, the age old story of graduating college and having difficulty finding a job is becoming a common thread. And yet we’re still saying there’s a shortage of nurses!!! But where are the jobs??

Unfortunately the downturn in the economy found many of us putting off retirement and even returning to work for financial stability. And as many of us know, especially many old timers like myself… hospital administrators cut nursing jobs first and expect the remaining staff to pick up the slack.

Many states have staffing ratio laws, but hospitals are pushing the envelope and getting away with it. Nurses at UC hospitals throughout CA were banned from a one-day strike protesting this problem this week, but they’re making noise about the issue.

We also to continue to hear that there are huge needs for nurses in places like Hawaii. And there will be all across the US as the economy recovers and nurses do finally retire.

Have you been able to find a job as a new nurse? Please share your success story with us in the COMMENTS section. Perhaps you did something unique. Or your location really does need nurses now. Clue us in.

Thanks for your help!!!

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