Happy Nurses Day!!!

Happy Nurses Day and Happy Nurses Week! 

I know, no one gave you a huge raise. And no one gave you an additional week of vacation. And you are still the MOST overworked and underpaid professional in your group of friends and family!!!!

Guess what? You’re a nurse! YOU make a difference in someone’s life EVERY DAY How many of your friends and family can say that?! How many of them can do what you do?!!

Celebrate YOU today and all week!!!!Do something nice for yourself and say THANK YOU for all that YOU do for your patients!

And then ask your family and friends to help SUPPORT NURSES like yourself by calling their Representatives and asking them to sign on as co-sponsors of THE NATIONAL NURSE ACT of 2010. (HR 4601).

If you’re unsure, or think you don’t like the idea…. I ask you to please READ the ACTUAL bill before you make up your mind. Don’t get caught up in the politics by nurses who call themselves the “Queen Bitch.”

It is about providing health care to the public. (Which is NOT the function of the ANA.) And supporting nurses and elevating the nursing profession so we can get the respect we deserve. No it won’t mean raises and more vacations and perks, but it may just mean that when we most need it, we’ll get the funding for educating new nurses so we have some help out there!!!!

THANK YOU for being a nurse!!!!!

Nurses Week Gift Ideas