Time Management for Nurses

Nurses have to be organized! If you aren’t, you’re going to struggle and be stressed more than usual by the job no matter what field you work in, such as a hospital, clinic, home health or at a desk type job.

Most nurses are over achievers which can usually mean one of two things; they are extremely organized or entirely scattered. Most new nurses have difficulty with organization and time management skills in transitioning from students to the real world.

Time management skills are a must for nurses. I have written extensively on the subject. In my book, The Everything New Nurse Book, I devoted a whole chapter to the subject and it’s a theme that runs throughout the book. For SupportForNurses, I helped write and edit the 3rd edition of Tips and Strategies for Effective Time Management for Nurses which is available for download as an E-booklet. And I recently wrote this article about time management skills for nurses. I hope you’ll find these helpful if this is an area you struggle with.

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