Everyone Helps in a Crisis

Remember to be careful and don’t get scammed into donating money in bogus plots to help Haiti. Check out the sources and give to legitimate charities. UPS is NOT shipping for free and American Airlines is not taking nurses and doctors to Haiti for free. Reliable sources such as NPR Radio have lists of legit ways to help out.

For nurses who are not able to volunteer their services, remember that monetary donations as well as helping to cover for those who can go is just as necessary and helpful. There will be many jobs that need to be covered so that active nurses can leave their jobs for a few days or weeks to assist in Haiti.

This is just one more time to reflect on what an Office of the National Nurse could provide such as leadership and organization in summoning hose who can go and help. The California Nurses Association has been effective and instrumental, but those who don’t live on the west coast don’t often think about this organization as a source of information. One central office could provide resources and information as well as the ongoing training for a corps of nurse volunteers to be ready at a moment’s notice.