Happy Holidays

As the year winds down and we enter the last of the holidays, this year I want to thank you for your loyal readership. I wish you and your families the very best of times. Take time to enjoy, celebrate and make memories with your friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

Here’s to a new decade filled with all things good for everyone. PEACE!!!


  • Steven

    On this Christmas morning as I sit in the ICU I pray for a better year to come. I pray that never again will I take care of someone whose heart is so distraught that they douse themself with gasoline an set themself on fire. I pray that I never bring another mother back into ICU to visit her two only sons that have gunshot wounds. I pray that I will find the words to help her greving heart . And I hope I will not breakdown myself because it doesn't help her. How do you tell a weeping mother her son in room 4 was shot in the neck and is now a quardaplegic; then tell her the person who shot him is her other son, his brother in room 7? It's a retorical question and I don't want to know the answer. I pray that as I write this knowing that I am on the Code Team, no code will be called over the intercom tonight on Christmas. This year I have felt to many ribs break under my hands as I do compressions with CPR. I don't like that feeling. I pray that when I do go to a code I don't once again have do compresions on a womans chest that is so badly eaten with cancer that blood squishes up between my fingers. And I pray that her family will come to know when it's time to let her go and stop the madness. I pray that I always remember that I the greatest gift I have ever given a person, is a drink of cold water. I saw the graditude in the face of a nameless poor homeless woman who wanted nothing more in this world than to just quench the thirst in her dry throat. And when I gave her that drink she imediately died in my arms.

    And I pray that when these disturbing things creep out of the dark places in my mind where I lock them, that they don't come out again on Christmas Day.

    And I pray this Christmas morning that as this new year progresses that I will read the Sermon on the Mount once a week. This reinforces in my mind, no matter what, it will be okay. And I pray that when on Sunday mornings when I get off a shift like this, that I remember that no mater how tired I am, I need to go to church so God can remind me, it's going to be okay.