What a day! RIP Farrah and Michael. There are some nasty rumors of other deaths today too, and I certainly hope they are just nasty rumors. It has been enough. And Ed McMahon just days ago. As many hospice nurses will note, the bus comes and many usually go within hours or a few days. This has always been a Hollywood superstition, and this week we lost some really great people and stars!

May they be at peace and their loved ones full of happy memories to keep them alive forever.

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  • Patric

    It will be very interesting to see the extent of Michael Jackson's physicians' culpability in this death. How sad that people who have worked so hard to make it through medical school, only to prostitute their profession. Unfortunately, as a 30-year medic, I've seen such abuses more times than I can count. On the flip side is Farrah's medical care, which appears to have been exemplary

    A little more consistency in the matter of celebrities ve medical ethics would be refreshing.