• Nurses Beware: Antibiotics Linked to Tendon Rupture

    Here’s a story from The Nursing Site.com… In July of 2008, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) began notifying the manufacturers of fluroquinlolone antimicrobial medications that they need to add a Boxed Warning about possible tendonitis and tendon ruptures to the product labels on these medications. The FDA also asks that patient education materials be distributed when the medication is dispensed. Tendon ruptures from these medications date back at least as far as 1997. From November 1997 to March 2007, the FDA has received reports of 336 cases of tendon ruptures in patients taking these medications. Fluroquinlolone is a broad spectrum antimicrobial medication used to treat bacterial infections in adults such…

  • Today’s Front Pages

    See the Front Pages from Newspapers all over the world today at: http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/default.asp. image from Newseum.org

  • Inauguration Day

    I hope that no matter what your political affiliations are, or wherever you reside, that you are able to enjoy the historic events of this day. This is truly a new chapter in American History unfolding before our very eyes.

  • Attention ICU Nurses: Tell Your Story

    I received another call for stories from Kaplan Publishing: Call for Stories from Nurses Kaplan Publishing has launched an exciting new series of nonfiction books that share the stories behind the relationships, experiences, and issues nurses encounter on the job—whether they work in a hospital, clinic, home setting, hospice, private medical practice, or elsewhere. Entertaining and educational, inspirational and practical, each book features 20–25 true stories written by nurses about the experiences and relationships that inspire and enrich the lives of nurses and all those who come into contact with them. We are now accepting stories for the following anthology:LIVES IN THE BALANCE: Nurses’ Stories about the ICU In the…

  • When Patients Say Thanks it’s Special!!!

    When patients thank us for what we do as nurses, it’s really special. And when they take the time to do something unique it’s very gratifying!! Pete Dowan is a disabled musician who writes and records his own music in his basement in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He has spent a lot of time in hospitals and around nurses and he wrote a song to say thanks to the Ladies in White. Yes, he knows nursing is not about gender, but his nurses were all women and the all wore white….so go with it and be gracious for his gift and thanks!!! Give his music a listen on his MySpace…