Empathy is What Nursing is All About

Kim over at Emergiblog has a great way with words!! And this time she is reminding us that nurses need to provide empathy because it’s what our patients expect from us. If we don’t, we are likely apathetic and God help us all if we get to that point in our professional careers or life.

Thanks Kim for a great posting. We all need a pep talk now and then and this one bring home the point loud and clear.

One Comment

  • RecycleCindy

    Thank you for posting this valuable message about nurses. Over the past several months, I have had numerous contacts with health care professionals. Some of the nurses I have met and who have cared for me were the finest, most caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I wasn’t just another patient to these nurses. I was Cindy who needed kindness, prayer, understanding, compassion, empathy and yes medical care.

    God bless all nurses and please pass the word along that empathy is so very important in your profession.