Tips to Avoid Burnout

Sometimes you just have to take some time to do the little things that you enjoy doing like reading a book, playing with your children or animals, taking a weekend trip, or engaging in a hobby like sewing, photography, or hiking.

If you don’t take time to enjoy the things that mean something or help you to relax and feel like you’ve been able to escape or do something just for you, you can become angry, frustrated and resentful.

These are the things that make your life worthwhile and make you feel worthy. Take time for YOU frequently. Don’t get so busy and stressed out that you feel like you can’t take time for YOU. This will actually only make things worse.

Here are a few more tips to help you about the dreaded nursing burnout.

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  • CMatNurse

    Every day, I hear about a new energy drink; Rockstar, Monster Energy, Full throttle, Redline and Wire…well, you get it! Beverage manufactures are feeding our demands for more caffeine because as a travel nurse there are just not enough hours in the day. Being a travel nurse can be incredibly exhausting.

    Turn away the caffeine and use natural energy boosters:
    •Drinking is important to battling fatigue; natural fruit juices, water and milk replenishes.

    •Eat high energy foods ( fruits and protein)
    •Try a supplement , B6, B12 or Coq -10
    •Healthy breathing techniques and posture raises energy