• NursingSiteNetwork Will Close Today

    I’m sorry to say that the Nursing Site Network at Ning.com will close today. Ning.com has decided to charge for hosting these networks and at this time I cannot see my way to charge readers to join to cover the costs, so have decided to let it go. We have The Nursing Site Forum hosted on Google for those of you interested in communicating with fellow nurses and nursing students, and you can follow us on Facebook for more social networking options.

  • New Products at CES

    This has been a busy week. I’m in Las Vegas attending the Consumer Electronics Show. There are some innovative products for health care or that relate to health care. I’ll tell you about them when I get home and have a chance to sort through the literature and visit websites. Meantime, let me remind you about the Nursing Site Forum. (Subscribe at the top right.) There are a couple of requests for information posted there. Please join and chime in with your recommendations.