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Happy Nurses Day 2022!

Happy Nurses DayHappy Nurses Day and Week 2022!

Thank you to each and every one of you for ALL that you do. It has been an impossible couple of years and we’ve all been through the wringer! Never before has it been more important to stop and smell the roses. To enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise whenever possible! To hug your children and your spouse and family and friends. It’s been awhile since we could do that, and some places it may not yet be safe. So do what you can. Human touch has never been so important!!

I wish you all a great day and week and hope that your days and nights are easier. We chose this profession for a reason, to help others. It’s never been easy and it’s not going to be. The Art of Caring is a Work of Heart and that carries a lot of responsibility. It can also be ever so rewarding, but sometimes the rewards get lost in the thankless parts of the job. As nurses we have to make our own rewards much of the time. Enjoy the contact with patients and their families, enjoy doing things to make them comfortable, to ease their pain – physical and emotional, and to help them learn how to take better care of themselves and their loved ones.

Not everyone thanks us. Not everyone gushes over how wonderful and caring and giving we are. But we know when we’ve done our very best. We’ve given it 200%, we’ve gone above and beyond. Pat yourself on the back. Buy yourself a great meal! Take yourself for a long quiet walk. Draw yourself a warm bath filled with bubbles or salts, or just soothing water and experience it. Have a glass of something you really enjoy. Get up early or stay up later just to have a few quiet moments to yourself and drink in your life and all the beauty it provides you.

YOU are a NURSE! You have SUPER POWERS that others will never achieve. Basque in who YOU are and who you have become. Set intentions and goals to continue meet your own expectations.


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