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Nurses Week Give-Aways – May 6-12 2021

It’s Nurses Day, May 6 and time to begin our 6 days of Nurses Week Give Aways.  Due to COVID 19 the Year of the Nurse celebration was stunted in 2020, and continues again this year. The American Nurses Association has deemed May 2021 as Nurses Month. The theme for week one is Self Care.

Self Care

Self Care is not something that was taught in nursing school. Some are beginning to add it in to the curriculum now but fro most seasoned nurses it was not taught. In fact nurses are notorious for being terrible patients because taking care of their health is not something given any importance. Nursing is one of the most challenging professions of all; physically,emotionally and mentally. And f you don’t take care of YOU, there isn’t going to be anything left in the tank to provide excllent quality care for your patients.

Employers are not well known for supporting and honoring nurses. In fact, you’ll more often than nor hear nurses saying absolutely nothing was done for them for Nurses Week. Or the gift was such a cheap token it was insulting. After the disaster that 2020 and early 2021 has been with the wrath of COVID-19, nurses would not be blamed for expecting huge honors this Nurses Week. We all know that unfortunately that isn’t realistic any more than expecting the minuscule token gift budget be better spent on raises or extra time off. Lush vacations and fat bonus checks are figments of the imagination.

FREEBIES and DISCOUNTS for Nurses Week

BUT, nurses can and must take time to reward themselves. Check out the list (below) of FREEBIES and DISCOUNTS being offered and take advantage of them. Buy a new pair of scrubs or comfortable shoes. Take care of YOU!! And seek out as many Give-Aways as possible and enter as often as allowed. Some nursing groups on Facebook organized a gift exchange. If your didn’t, take a few minutes to help organize one. The celebration goes on all month! Note that some of the list overlap, but you’ll also find some treasures in each one.


Moxie ScrubsMoxie Scrubs has partnered with the American Nurses Association to offer some great discounts during the entire month of May for Nurses Month. Sign up for their mailing list and receive a 20% Discount. “The ANA will offer their audience a $20 Moxie Scrubs gift card towards a set of Moxie Scrubs’ nurse-designed scrubs throughout National Nurses Month in May.”

Per their PR, Moxie Scrubs was created in the Harvard Innovation Lab for nurses, by nurses to give them the sense of fashion, professionalism, and comfort they need and deserve from their everyday uniform. Moxie Scrubs has innovated medical apparel with high-tech design solutions like a state-of-the-art patent-pending waistband allowing nurses to remain comfortable through even the longest of shifts.


Scrubs and Beyond is offering 20% DISCOUNT and if you sign up for Rakuten (it’s Free) you’ll get 4% cash back as well!

USA Today



You should continue to Google “Nurses Week Freebies” as other companies jump into the action throughout the week, and some change up their rules or offers. This week we will have multiple Give-Aways including a beautiful scrub jacket (and Discount Codes) from Medilita Scrubs, Fire Department Coffee, a Beanie Sleeper and a few gifts from me. BREAKING NEWS: Ponto Footwear has also joined in our celebration.

Enter to Win

Please come back tomorrow and EVERYDAY throughout Nurses Week (May 6-12) to enter to win! You’ll need to provide your Name and email address on the form belowand let me know which Give-Away you would prefer. On May 13, I will put all entries into a hat and randomly draw the winners names. I will try my best to match you up to the prize you like most. You can list more than one (on the line provided) to help ensure you get something you would like!  I will let you know what you’ve won between May 14-16 and I’ll notify the vendor to get in touch with you and arrange for shipping. Good luck and THANKS for following our blog.


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Happy Nurses Week!