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Earn Nursing ceus from NursingCECentral

Continuing education for nurses is a requirement to renew nursing licenses for RNs and LPN/LVNs as well as Advanced Practice RNs in most US states and territories. The number of units varies from state to state as set by the state’s Board of Nursing. Some states have specific required courses that cover such topics as managing conflict, civility, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and avoiding medication errors.

Nurses are by nature are overachievers and as such  have taken care of everyone else and suddenly often find themselves with 30 or so ceus due by tomorrow! Let’s hope most don’t cut it that close, but I do often see nurses on social media in a panic looking for reasonably priced continuing education courses they can complete in short period of time online.

Get your Nursing ceus!

Before you find yourself in that panic, let me tell you about a new company,, which is owned by nurses and offers a wide variety of continuing education course ranging from 1 ceu to 30 with bundles of 15 or 30 ceus. The cost of membership is a flat rate of $39.99/year for as few or as many ceus as needed. With membership, nurses have access to all current courses as well as any that are added over the year of membership.

You can read through the course before you commit. And there are no tests. You simply have to attest to completing the course and learning from it. Courses range from an update of the current basics of nursing to complex diagnosis and care specific courses. They are written by nurse experts in a style that is easy to read and understand. A rocket science degree is not required! The courses are well-written and professional. Best practice examples and case studies are presented along with bullet points to remember.

ANCC Accreditation

All courses are approved/accredited for continuing education units by the ANCC as well as most states or territories , except Hawaii. Choose your state from the drop down menu and see specific requirements as well as accreditation. It’s a simple process. The site is very user-friendly and welcoming. You sign up, take the course(s) selected and process your certificate. Then send in your license renewal and you’re set for the next 1-3 years depending on your state.

Next time your license is up for renewal, consider for your continuing education needs. Don’t procrastinate, these are great informative courses that are not difficult to maneuver and will help you in your nursing career as well as satisfy your required continuing education courses.

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