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2019 Nurses Week – Day 3

Wednesday May 8 is National Student Nurse Day and since it’s the Wednesday of Nurses Week it’s also National School Nurse Day. Let’s all celebrate ALL nursing students and school nurses today!

Take a moment to think back to your nursing school days. How far have you come since then? Remember all of the lives you’ve touched and made a difference in. Say THANK YOU to yourself! You deserve recognition. Thank you for all that you do!!!!

Close your eyes and breathe deeply for just a moment. Go to your happy place, breathe again. Let your body fill and overflow with calm, soothing, refreshing energy and good thoughts. Let go of the stress and the anger and the infuriating moments!  Stop and do this often during your day. It only takes a moment! See how it can make a difference for YOU! TRY IT before you say NO!

Be mindful and take care of YOU! Start today and make it a habit. To do that you have to do it for at least 21 days straight!

The BEST gifts are those you give to yourself. Start with taking care of YOU! You will be happier, you will be healthier and you will enjoy your life and career more each day. Don’t let the bad thoughts take up residence in your mind. Fill that vacancy with good thoughts.

MAke note: My friend Brittney Wilson (aka The Nerdy Nurse is having a fabulous Give Away contest for Nurses Week. Check it out!)