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Why Nursing Is the Ultimate Job for People Who Love to Travel

If you love to travel and are looking for the perfect job to help you pursue your passion for adventure, you might want to consider a career in nursing. Nursing is a great way to earn good pay, enjoy ample time off, and build a career that fosters your passion for travel. Consider the following advantages:

1. Enjoy Ample Time to Explore

A typical two-day weekend can severely restrict your ability to travel and explore your area. Most nurses work three 12-hour shifts a week, leaving them with four free days every week. That means you get a lot of personal time to explore and travel when you’re not working. With more time off every week than time spent working, nursing provides optimal flexibility for travel.

2. Earn Good Pay

Traveling the world requires resources to pay for transportation, housing, meals, and other traveling expenses. Nurses can earn good pay. In fact, the median salary for registered nurses is nearly $70,000 per year. Expendable income translates into more opportunities for travel. Plus, all that free time gives you more options to explore and see the world.

3. Travel for Work

If exploring new terrains is truly what motivates you, you’ll want to consider a career as a travel nurse. Travel nursing is a field of nursing where licensed nurses venture to a facility in a new city and accept short-term contracts that range from 13 to 26 weeks. These assignments are available all across the country.

Travel nursing is a rapidly growing field. As the general nursing shortage continues, the need for travel nurses has been increasing sharply in recent years. This field gives travelers the means to explore new areas while earning a living and building a stable career.

4. Earn Great Benefits

Travel nurses earn slightly more than their stationary counterparts, with salaries reaching into six-figure territory. But even better than the pay are the benefits. Travel nurses are rewarded with generous benefits for their nomadic efforts. Two key benefits provided to travel nurses are housing and travel costs — the two largest expenses when traveling. For most travel nurses, these costs are paid by the employer. Housing, meals, and even further education are often included as benefits or given as reimbursements for travel nurses.

Travel reimbursements may include airfare, transportation, fuel, hotels, and many other travel expenses. Some institutions even cover costs associated with licensing, certifications, and education — allowing you to develop your skill set, explore the world, and earn a living, all at the same time.

5. Choose Your Own Adventure

Travel nursing allows you to follow your passion and create your own travel adventure. Because there are travel nursing jobs in just about every locale imaginable, you’ll be able to seek out different hobbies at different locations. You can follow weather or run from it. You can choose to work in a major city or a small country town. You can seek out nightlife or nature trails. Basically, you can seek out new job opportunities based on the travel you wish to pursue — and you can switch it up whenever you want.

6. Break the Routine

People who love travel are typically drawn to new experiences and get bogged down by too much routine. Because most travel nursing jobs offer short-term contracts, you won’t get stuck in one place for too long. In fact, travel nursing allows you to focus on giving excellent patient care because you won’t be caught up in the day-to-day drama that comes with the office politics associated with long-term employment.

7. Gain Valuable Experience

For most jobs, too much traveling means your career will suffer. For travel nursing, the opposite is true. That’s because travel nursing isn’t just about exploring — it’s also about building your career. Travel nursing means you’ll develop a wide range of skills that not only look great on your résumé, but also give you the kind of on-the-job experience employers desire.

Because travel nursing can take you from big cities to rural areas to suburbs and everywhere in between, you’ll gain valuable experience in treating all kinds of patients in all kinds of environments. You can build your skill set, create professional relationships, and pursue your passion for travel at the same time.

8. Meet New People and Explore New Places

Most people are drawn to travel because they want to explore new places and meet new people — that’s a big part of the job description of a travel nurse. You’ll hone your skills while meeting new challenges. In essence, you’ll become better at your job while meeting new people. This not only helps you build a professional network; it also means you’ll experience new neighborhoods, cultures, cuisines, and all the other amazing things about traveling.

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