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Review: BioPods Stimsoles Do Help

A few weeks back, I was approached by a company to test and review a product called BioPods Stimsoles. (Disclosure: I received a complimentary pair.) They make an insole to reduce pain and improve function and ability. There’s some solid science behind it and I was game. I have reviewed my fair share of products over the years. Some are great and some, well they weren’t even worth reviewing.To be honest, I have found that Vionic shoes are my main go-to for comfort and stability for their orthotic/alignment correction and fabulous comfort. So I wasn’t in the market for new shoes or inserts, but… I tried them even in an old pair of New Balance shoes, and I felt a true and welcoming difference. And I have to say they did put a bit of a spring in my step. By alternating them with my Vionic shoes for work, I have seen a difference in the performance of each shoe as well as improved comfort in my body.

The true test was shopping at the mall. I get sharp hip pain and fatigue quickly and shopping is no longer an event I look forward to. In fact over time, I’ve come to rely more and more on what I can purchase online.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot to be sacraficed that way and I happily found some really unique and special gifts for my grandchildren this holiday season all because I had less pain and more energy with my BioPod Stimsoles. “They effectively reduce or even eliminate poor neuromuscular mechanics that contribute to the underlying causes of the stress and strain that create hip pain.”

I have a desk job at my day job and when I’m writing I usually sit. Sometimes I stand with my laptop so that I’m not spending too many hours in a chair. What I have found is that the Stimsoles continue to soothe my feet and allow me to stand and walk as needed without pain or fatigue. I can only imagine how they would help nurses who spend hours on their feet!

I’m thrilled they contacted me and that I can give their product a fair and positive review. Hopefully, BioPods will participate in our Nurses Week Give Aways this coming May. Stay tuned….

Thanks BioPods so much!

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