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Nurse Entrepreneurs Helping Nurses Find Direction in Their Career Paths

I recently sat down with a couple of nurse entrepreneurs to talk a bit about me and my nursing career, but also about nursing in general and hopefully provided some insights for those considering a career in nursing or looking for a new path for their nursing career. Health care is a challenging industry to say the least and nursing is never an easy occupation.

For young people today, I think nursing is going to have a few new challenges. Nursing is a service profession and
you really need to be passionate and serious about helping people if you want a career in nursing. It’s all about the patient and patients are never at their best when they don’t feel well. That’s something to really think about. Especially if you don’t like dropping everything to go help someone else!

The first interview was done via Skype with Cara Sevier on The Not Just Nursing Show.
I would suggest you close your eyes and listen. I don’t play well to
the camera! My eyes wander too much!!! But it was a fun time and worked out well for her first time Skype interview. She’s in the eastern US and I’m on the west coast so we couldn’t do it in studio as she does with many of her guests. Check out her previous guests and subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

The second interview was with Patricia Ramsey Laramee of the Nursing Assistant Podcast.

We had some technical difficulties which just added to the learning
process and the fun! You only have to listen, it’s a podcast and she’s
had some really great guests so be sure to listen to all of the
episodes., and Subscribe on Spotify or iTunes.  I hope we inspired some
CNAs to consider continuing their education and becoming RNs in the
future as we discussed my roles away from the bedside in home health and