2018 Nurses Week – Day 5

It’s Thursday of Nurses Week. Just another day in the life of a nurse. Remember to replenish often and take care of YOU. You cannot pour from an empty pot! You have to know that what you do makes a difference. Your patient may not even know it yet, but he’ll figure it out. Probably long after he’s moved on without you. Take every opportunity to thank yourself!

3 Books from Elizabeth Scala MSN/MBA RN (1 winner)

Elizabeth Scala has honored us with a donation of 3 of her books. For one lucky (US based) winner, this is a fantastic prize!!! I own all 3 and I love them!!! Elizabeth was trained at Johns Hopkins University. She is a Reiki master and coach. Elizabeth blogs, writes and produces some fabulous podcasts. In her spare time, she pulls together a fabulous program for Nurses Week each year the Art of Nursing.

Nursing from Within: A
Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds offers
the innovative solutions today’s nurses need.
Although it outlines
the problems nurses face, this book is not about trying to change the
working environment. Rather, it’s about altering inner perspectives.
With boundless energy and passion, it addresses an element that’s
largely missing from nursing self-care programs focusing on diet and
health: the spiritual self.

Stop Nurse Burnout: Individuals typically
enter their careers with a desire to provide compassionate, heart-based
care. Challenged by regulations, financial pressures and technological
advancements, today’s healthcare professional struggles to balance the
art with the science of practice. Elizabeth inspires nursing teams to
reconnect with the passionate and fulfilling joy that once called them
to their roles.

Your Next Shift: How to Kick Your Nursing Career into High Gear:  Nursing offers many opportunities, but
there’s no denying it’s tough—and sometime thankless—work. A nurse’s
mindset often means the difference between an average and awesome
career, but few nursing books focus on this vital aspect of the

Entrepreneur and clinical nurse
Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, provides the means to take your nursing
career to the next level. Beginning with the many issues affecting
nursing, Scala describes the negative “monkey” mindsets that interfere
with a nurses’ ability to enjoy their profession. She then introduces a
set of seven spiritual laws to help improve a nurse’s career outlook.

ONE (US based) winner will receive all 3 books.  Follow these Rules to Enter.

Thanks Elizabeth!!!


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