Seeking Sponsors for 2018 Nurses Week Give Aways

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually May 6-12. For the past nine years TheNursingSiteBlog.com has sponsored give aways to honor our nurse readers. We have had some great sponsors in the past and I’m looking for new and old sponsors to join us in celebrating nurses in 2018.

Sponsors Needed

If you have:

  • a book you’d like to share
  • a set of scrubs you can donate
  • a gift card towards a purchase of nurse related products 
  • a course discount to offer
  • a product to make a nurse’s life easier
  • candy, flowers, pens, vein finders, ETC.

I would love to offer you some great FREE publicity in return for your generosity. 

How It works

Each day during Nurses Week (May 6-12) I publish a new post with 1-2 donated items to Give Away. You can provide me with a blurb about your product or service and a photo or two and 1-2 links to your item or website.

Nurses can enter by clicking on a link in the post which will take them to an email contact form to complete.

On May 15,  I will publish a reminder to enter (with the link to sign up) and list all of the sponsors. On May 16, I will put all the names collected into a hat and draw winners randomly. As possible, I will then try to match the names with the item they told me they most wanted to win. Everyone who enters will receive something.

Between May 17 and May 20, I will notify the winners by email and publish a list of the winners and which Give Away they have won. I will list your donated item, include a photo and link to your website or other contact info. I will then email you the winner’s contact info and let you arrange directly with them the delivery of the product or service.

For your generous donation you will have your item mentioned on TheNursingSiteBlog.com no less than 3 times. All posts are also shared on our Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest links as well.

Can You Donate Something?

Where else will you get this much publicity for FREE? Thank you in advance! Email me with details of your potential 2018 Nurses Week Give Away donation.

UPDATE: I will need your info, photos, etc. no later than May 1.

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