BREAKING NEWS: ANA Opposes New Healthcare Bill

BREAKING NEWS: Nurses Oppose Healthcare Bill

The American Nurses Association has officially opposed the new healthcare bill, The American Health Care Act. In a letter written to the committee members and copied to prominent leaders in the House and Senate, President Pamela F Cipriano PhD, RN FAAN, outlined the reasons the ANA is opposing the new health care bill. Not the least of which it “threatens health care affordability, access, and delivery for individuals across the nation.”

Nurses are the most trusted profession and as such we need UNITE to stand up and advocate for ourselves,  as well as our patients. Affordable healthcare that provides all Americans access to preventative as well as therapeutic measures is a must! Cipriano goes on to say:

“Nurses work in virtually every health care setting, providing expert, compassionate care for people throughout all stages of life. As the organization representing the nation’s largest group of health care professionals and its most trusted profession, ANA asks Congress to keep our patients’ access to affordable, quality care foremost in their discussions over how to improve our nation’s health care system. ANA stands ready to work with Congress as a constructive voice and positive force for improving health care delivery, coverage, and affordability for the American people.”

We are NOT a Third World Country. We need affordable health care insurance. Please contact your elected officials TODAY to encourage their opposition. There is NO TIME to procrastinate on this essential issue. (photo: LA Times)


ALL you have to do is make a phone call.  Here’s some information on calling your legislators and finding their direct phone numbers.  Most likely they won’t even answer and you’ll get a voice mail box.  It only takes about 2 minutes tops. And believe me I’ve stuttered and stammered through it, but the important issue is you make your voice heard!!!

Here’s a sample script to make it easy for you: “Hello, my name is _______. I am a nurse [give your credentials] and I am calling to tell you I am opposed to the AHCA [American Health Care Act] as it is written. I am one of your constituents and I implore you to stand up and advocate for the people you work for. We MUST do better than this! Thank you.” 

Send an email as well with the same information. Use Twitter to contact them. 

You can also get the addresses to the committee from the ANA letter and send a letter of your own. The louder our collective voices, the better the chance of getting a plan that can work.

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