Seven Things You Should Know about ATI TEAS (TEAS VI) VS. TEAS V

A Guest Post by Katie Meir

The official TEAS test entered its 6th edition and is called the “ATI TEAS.” If you are starting to research the TEAS exam, or preparing for your upcoming exam, you must be aware of the differences between the old and new versions. While, some schools still accept TEAS V results, you can no longer take it. So, what should you take into consideration before taking this exam?

1. What is the TEAS exam?
The TEAS is a nursing entrance exam with four sections: English and Language Usage, Reading, Math, and Science. Most nursing programs will either require you to take the TEAS before submitting your application or will invite you to take the test once you have passed the preliminary rounds of the application process. ATI TEAS includes changes in both format and content. Therefore, in order to outperform your competition, use updated preparation materials.

2. What is the test format?
The TEAS is a multiple-choice test. Each section has its own time limit and breaks are allowed between the sections. Check with your test center in advance to help you better prepare for your test day. The test includes 170 questions, only 150 of which are graded. However, you cannot know which questions count and which do not.

3. How is the Reading section formatted?
On the ATI TEAS, the Reading section consists of 53 questions to be answered in 64 minutes. This section includes three main topics: key ideas and details, craft and structure, and integration of knowledge and ideas. This section examines your ability to read and interpret text, identify arguments and key themes, and draw conclusion.

4. How is the Math section formatted?
The new TEAS Math section includes 36 questions with a 54-minute time limit. The most important change is that calculators are permitted on the ATI TEAS. The math section includes two topics: number & algebra and measurement & date. You’re required to demonstrate various abilities and knowledge of arithmetic, ratios, proportions, algebra, data presentation analysis, etc.

5. How is the Science section formatted?
The Science section is notoriously difficult for many. 53 questions must be answered in 63 minutes. The three main topics are human anatomy & physiology, life & physical sciences, and scientific reasoning. The main focus is on anatomy & physiology. While you prepare for the Science section, you should focus on understating the functions of different body systems.

6. How is the English section formatted?
In the English section, there are only 28 minutes to answer 28 questions. To answer questions accurately, a solid understanding of grammar is required. In addition, you’ll need to demonstrate your abilities in spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and word meaning.

7. How would it be best to prepare?
Now that you are aware of the differences between the two versions, search for material that may be beneficial to your preparations. Look for transparency and clarity, and try to evaluate how much you can benefit from it and how relevant it is to your test prep. Free resources might help, but if you really want to outperform your competition, you should consider using some paid resources. Invest now in your future. Good luck!

Katie Meir is a product manager at TestPrep-Online and a TEAS specialist.
TestPrep-Online offers exclusive PrepPacks™ for a wide variety of tests for students from kindergarten through graduate school and has helped thousands of test takers reach their academic goals through using online PrepPacks™.

Great information. Thanks Katie!

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