Compression Socks Winning Over Nurses

Wow it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well life happens and things turn on a dime. And slowly you pick yourself up and move forward again. My MIL is now living with us as we continue with renovations to my home and deal with the clutter and dirt! Oh such fun!!!! I think I need to work just to feel normal and get some relief!

Meanwhile, I received a complimentary sample of Fresh Legs TM compression socks a few weeks ago just before life got totally crazy. Compression socks are being touted as miracles for nurses and I understand exactly why that is. They do make your legs feel better and give you the ability to be on your feet for hours with far less pain and discomfort.

My job is primarily a desk job, but since they work well for traveling and sitting for long hours, they do help keep my ankles and legs from swelling.

Fresh Legs TM offer a large variety of colors and styles including compression sleeves for legs and a comfort sock as well. They have both contemporary and classic designs for men and women, and the socks are very well made. The wide seamless toe box is great!

I’ve tried some other brands that unraveled after the first washing, but these hold up quite well. Some other brands have become way too tight to wear after a first washing, but these didn’t do that either. Give them a look.

UPDATE: Use code FRESH101 on your first order and save 30%

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