Nurses Week GiveAway Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered our Nurses Week GiveAway contests. We had an overwhelming response and we have a lot of winners to announce. I also want to once again say a BIG THANK YOU all of our wonderful sponsors for their generous donations to make this a successful celebration of the nursing profession.

Please be sure to check out all of their websites and follow their social media to show your thanks and support to them as well.

Remember the American Nurses Association 2016 Theme for Nurses Week is Culture of Safety, It Starts with YOU. Always do your part to uphold the safety of you, your staff and your patients. Learn more at the ANA website.

I hope everyone had a great Nurses Week! Nurses are always overworked and underpaid and token thank yous can easily be tossed aside. But even the smallest of tokens should be respected. Employers realistically cannot afford to provide huge gifts and some don’t even bother to recognize Nurses Week at all so if you received even just a thank you from your employer, please be grateful. Perhaps next year you’ll get involved in the process to help your employer present a better recognition. Note too that some people are just NOT party planners and have no clue how to put on a celebration. So those of you who are so talented in this aspect, please step forward. It isn’t always that they want to neglect the celebration, they just have no clue.

So without further ado here are the randomly picked out of the hat names of 2016 Nurses week GiveAway Winners from The Nursing Site Blog:

GiveAway #1 Autographed copies (2) of Exploring The Home Health Experience: a Guide to Transitioning Your Career Path
Nurse Born Products
Kali Kunkle (for most entries she gets 2 prizes)

GiveAway #1 Time Management Skills for Nurses
Clai Rreyy
Nurse Mo
Astronaut Momma

GiveAway #2 Compression Socks (2 pair)from Vim & Vigr
Theresa Wilmet
Jimswims (Julie Smith)

GiveAway #3 Illumivein Vein Finders
Krista Quintana
Suzanne Lukawski
Kali Kunkle

GiveAway#4 Sugar Wish
Katrina Brokovich

GiveAway #4 Art Print from ArtofthePage.Etsy.com
Correy Kusten

GiveAway#5 #Maevnscrubs from Maevn Uniforms
Josette Stegmair

GiveAway #6 Nanotex scrubs
Diane Bethe
Amanda Vickers

GiveAway #7 $50 gift card from Uniform Advantage
Joey Zeller

I have tried to contact each winner through the links in their comments or tweets. If your name is here and you didn’t get notification, please contact me ASAP. Thanks again to all the entrants and to the sponsors who generously donated these GiveAways.

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