Nurses Week Give Away # 3 — Autographed Books

Happy Nurses Week! Give Away #3

I was very naive entering nursing school and coming into this profession. Like many, as a little girl I played nurse with my dolls. I had a strong desire to not be like the MEAN nurse Alice who treated me and my family members growing up. There had to be a better way! I had no idea what I would learn and encounter as a nursing student and a new nurse. My eyes were opened.

In many ways I was very lucky to have some very good mentors and co-workers, but I also had my share of encounters with nurses who love to eat their young!

When I was asked to take over for another nurse and write The Everything New Nurse Book I considered many things I wish I had known. It would have been so much easier. My purpose was not to take new nurses by the hand and wipe their noses and hand feed them, but rather to explore many basic issues that they would face in their first year and offer common sense approaches to most common situations.

More complex issues would be so varied and dependent on where they work and their individual responsibilities. I couldn’t cover it all, just the basics that you probably didn’t learn in nursing school.

I must have done something right because this basic book has gone through 2 editions and 2 additional incantations. The most current version is The New Nurse Handbook which was released last July. It has many updates based on critiques of the first 2 editions and evolutions in technology.

For today’s Nurses Week Give Away I am offering 2 autographed copies of The New Nurse HandbookPROMPT for Today is: Suggestions for those who eat their young: — ways to HELP instead of hinder yourself and others.

Enter by responding to the Prompt (just a sentence)  either in the Comments
below, or by posting a comment to the link for this post on our Facebook
pages. You have until May 15 to enter. I will select the winners by
random drawing and announce the winners on May 18 in the blog.

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