Empowering Nurses

Growth doesn’t occur when everything is perfect,” is but one of the empowering statements Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD shares with readers in her collaboration, From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses’ System.

Eleven nurses, many of whose names you may recognize as top nurse bloggers and authors, share their journey to empowerment and provide information and techniques for the reader to use to empower themselves and renew their love for their nursing career.

Lorie Brown begins by sharing her GIFTS starting with Giving to ourselves and ending with being the Source and no longer vulnerable to the effects of others as a means to empowerment. Accompanied by The Empowered Nurse’s Bill of Rights these two cut to the core of so many issues nurses share worldwide. The other collaborators utilize terms such as fighting dinosaurs, change-makers, assertiveness, well being, and self-disciplined to describe their journeys.

Each nurse’s journey is distinctly different and yet the techniques and outcomes are similar. This is a book nurses from all walks of life can relate to and learn from. There are many points to take away to help stop the frustration and begin enjoying your nursing career unencumbered.

Nurses Week is fast approaching, give yourself a gift and enjoy the renewed sense
of pride and ownership of your nursing career.

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