The Nurse and the NFL Player

By Jenna Knight, Excite Education

Recent salary surveys show that the estimated annual increase in the salaries of nurses and NFL players is the same. This might come as a surprise to many. However, the nursing sector has gained importance and recognition over the years, both in professional as well as academic circles.

Many young students are now opting for a degree in nursing at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This has helped the country meet the ever-increasing demand for nurses in the healthcare sector. Now that nurse salaries have increased, the chances of growing professionally have also increased.

Many across the country and the world at large admire national Football League (NFL) players. With a fan following in millions, they have lucrative salary packages in order to maintain a lavish lifestyle. However, there are some interesting facts that make nursing an equally attractive area of work.

Professionals in the field of nursing have experienced exponential increase in their salaries over the past couple of decades. In the last five years, average annual increase in income in the nursing sector stands at approximately 1.5%.

Speaking of NFL players and nurses in the same breath, research shows that the projected average salary increase for both these professionals for the year 2014 will be approximately 3%. The satisfaction that one receives while serving humanity is surely equal to (if not more than) the jubilant fame for NFL players because of their fan following.

Not only those who practice it, but a significant number of laymen as well see nursing as a sacred profession. Monetary advantages in this area of study make it a perfect match for many people. Although people must opt for work according to their level of interest, nursing is something that gives inner peace and satisfaction. Most nurses do not enter this field simply thinking that it’s not that rewarding in terms of salary. This is false. And with the annual salary increase touching almost 3%, one can expect a very bright future for those who wish to serve mankind.

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