Relative Crude

Can a DNA test be wrong?

97.7% DNA match is overwhelming evidence of paternity. That explains why Eden Braverman, RN, vacillates with her capacity to trust her brother-in-law. Rachel Westbrook, the child’s mother, propels Eden on a journey to find the truth behind the DNA results and Rachel’s suspected ulterior motives. After all, Jarod Fairgate is a multimillionaire.

Eden suddenly finds her own life compromised with accusations of drugs, patient abuse, and the final insult, her sister’s murder. To find answers, she traverses a winding road of paternal sins and fraternal passions that will ultimately end with her fighting for her own life.

Relative Crude, the first is a series, introduces the reader to my protagonist, Eden Braverman, a determined, feisty, and very knowledgeable RN. She will need to use all those attributes to solve the mystery that has become very personal to her.

My name is Alida Chaney and I’ve been an RN for over 40 years working in many critical care areas. ICU is where I spent most of my time, though ED and PACU are also part of my DNA. As with many RN’s, I have done my share of middle management, overseeing a Medical-Surgical floor, Telemetry floor, and Med-Surg ICU. With this background, Relative Crude takes you on an adventure with the realistic backdrop of ICU nursing and the politics that help and hinder her investigation into her sister’s murder.

With the advent of DNA kits on the internet, I thought it would be interesting to investigate what happens if a DNA test could be wrong. Relative Crude does just that.
I hope you all would think that this possibility would peak your interest in reading this medical mystery. This is the first in a series of Eden Braverman books.

Relative Crude can be obtained from Outskirts Press, Amazon.com or directly through me by emailing me at ritr511947@gmail.com.

Come along with me and get to know a knowledgeable, sassy, no nonsense RN. The kind we all hope to be.

Editor’s note:
I can’t wait to read this book. Have to carve out some time somewhere!!! Have you read it?

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