Review: EasyNCLEX.com

Most nurses will tell you that once they passed the NCLEX they will do anything to NEVER have to take it again! Truth is, as long as they complete the required CEUs or inactivate their license until then, they won’t have to. If they let their license lapse, they will have to repeat the NCLEX.
For student nurses, the NCLEX often represents unparalleled fear and anxiety. The NCLEX is a comprehensive exam to determine that a nurse has the skills and knowledge base to safely practice nursing. The questions are designed to test critical thinking skills, reading comprehension,  basic decision-making,  and clinical nursing knowledge and skills.
Many nurse graduates have found that taking practice tests is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the NCLEX. Recently, I discovered a great online resource for practice testing called EasyNCLEX.com.
EasyNCLEX.com offers a variety of tests for both RNs and LPNs. I took the NCLEX-PN test. They were good questions and I found them challenging, just as practice questions should be. The questions were up-to-date and the answers gave solid, yet concise, information in support of the right answer.


There were a couple I would challenge as not necessarily being “the best” answer, but I have always found this to be true in any study guide or practice testing format.
EasyNCLEX.com offers both the NCLEX-RN as well as the NCLEX-PN. The exam questions for each cover a broad range of topics to satisfy the various areas of RN or LPN nursing education and rotations. They are well-rounded tests of all of the nursing knowledge and skills necessary to satisfy license requirements. 
A number of different test lengths are available to challenge and prepare students for the NCLEX for a very affordable fee. The questions offer the same format of the actual NCLEX such as Multiple Choice, Select All That Apply, Sequence, and Fill-In-The-Blank questions.
So what’s “easy” about EasyNCLEX.com? Firstly, the signup process is perhaps the easiest I’ve seen on any NCLEX website. Just fill in a few fields, and you’re starting a practice exam in no time. Other sites will require you to put in much additional personal info, such as address, phone, etc.
Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the questions are challenging and cover a broad base of topics.
Doing practice tests such as these should make it easier for you to pass the real test. Plus, the practice exams themselves and the site in general are easy to navigate and use.

The site also offers an email Question of the Day format for a reasonable fee.
In summary, this site is well worth checking out, so let us know how it goes by replying in the comments.

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