The American Nurse

The American Nurse Photographs and Interviews is quite possibly one of the most beautiful photographic essays I’ve ever seen. I was delighted to find it today as I took time to actually read through some of my emails. It made the cover story for AJN in September 2012, so I guess I’m a little late to the table, but so very happy to have arrived now.

The book actually captures the essence of the nurses chosen to be included in it. They jump off the pages though their portraits and their stories which are quite unique and yet very similar.

Nurses are passionate individuals and this book absolutely oozes passion and enthusiasm! The author, Carolyn Jones, is a well known medium format portrait photographer and award-winning film maker. In 2004, her life was influenced by the nurse who cared for her during chemotherapy for breast cancer. The book and the video trailer about the book demonstrate the bond Ms. Jones found with her chemo nurse and with the 75 nurses across the US whom she photographed and interviewed in this project. 

As the holidays quickly approach, this would be one of my gift recommendations for any nurse, student nurse or anyone thinking about becoming a nurse.

 From The American Nurse Photographs and Interviews by Carolyn Jones. Welcome Books.
     Text & Photographs 2012 © Carolyn Jones. www.welcomebooks.com/americannurse