• Students Not Exploring Health Careers

    The nursing shortage may seem stalled since the economy tanked, but as the economy recovers and health care reform becomes a reality, that shortage is going to come back with a bang and we’re going to be very ill prepared to deal with it. As new reports seem to indicate, high school students are not considering careers as nurses, doctor and other health care professionals. In many cases this is because they have not been exposed to the science and math courses which would peak their interests in these career options. A background in math and science courses in secondary or high school is not an absolute, but certainly will…

  • NursingSiteNetwork Will Close Today

    I’m sorry to say that the Nursing Site Network at Ning.com will close today. Ning.com has decided to charge for hosting these networks and at this time I cannot see my way to charge readers to join to cover the costs, so have decided to let it go. We have The Nursing Site Forum hosted on Google for those of you interested in communicating with fellow nurses and nursing students, and you can follow us on Facebook for more social networking options.