• Time Management for Nurses

    Nurses have to be organized! If you aren’t, you’re going to struggle and be stressed more than usual by the job no matter what field you work in, such as a hospital, clinic, home health or at a desk type job. Most nurses are over achievers which can usually mean one of two things; they are extremely organized or entirely scattered. Most new nurses have difficulty with organization and time management skills in transitioning from students to the real world. Time management skills are a must for nurses. I have written extensively on the subject. In my book, The Everything New Nurse Book, I devoted a whole chapter to the…

  • Passing the NCLEX

    The winter holidays are over and it’s back to work and school. Hope you had a good time! Congratulations to those of you who recently graduated from nursing school or will be doing so soon. The next step will be to pass your NCLEX exam. Here’s a couple of links to some advice to help you calm your nerves and get you passed this step easily: Tips on Answering Nursing Board Exam QuestionsNCLEX Page (on The Nursing Site) Remember, you passed and completed your education. Now you just have to show what you learned…. you’ll do fine!!!