• Happy New Year!

    It’s hard to find someone who isn’t ready to say good riddance to 2009 and soon it will be behind us along with one of the most difficult decades. At the same time, we bring the lessons we have learned forward with us into the new decade. The challenges we faced will make us stronger and provide us with the knowledge and courage to face the future. As nurses, the general public looks to us for comfort and guidance. Hopefully the new decade will provide us with the tools to save more lives, comfort more loved ones and the skills, talents and abilities to make a difference in many more…

  • Happy Holidays

    As the year winds down and we enter the last of the holidays, this year I want to thank you for your loyal readership. I wish you and your families the very best of times. Take time to enjoy, celebrate and make memories with your friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Here’s to a new decade filled with all things good for everyone. PEACE!!!

  • Shortage of Nurse Educators Continues to Keep Students out of Nursing schools

    The nursing shortage affects us all. And the even bigger problem is the shoratge of nurse educators. In these lean economic times when so many are out of jobs, it seems even more cruel that over 48,000 qualified students were turned away from nursing programs in 2008-9. In just six years’ time there will be a need for over 580,000 new nurses, not to mention about 425,000 replacements. Read more….